Who’s Who and What’s What

Your definitive guide to deciphering the tangled web of people who feature regularly in my blog. Try and keep up, will you?

The Regulars

The (mostly) lovely group of people who I live and interact on a daily basis.

D’Mummy is my real life, birth mother. She’s in her early fifties, works full time and still manages keeps everyone organized. She’s pretty cool, has excellent taste in music and is also a short haired wonder like myself. Bestie and her would be much better as mother and daughter as they are very similar people.

D’Daddy is my real life, birth father. He is married to D’Mummy and they have been together for about 800 years. He’s in his early fifties, also works full time and is extremely out of touch with the younger generation and most things in general. He’s very funny because he’s so clueless.

D’Brother is my only sibling. He is twenty and is working full time doing an apprenticeship. D’Brother lives with his girlfriend, they are back at home now “saving for a deposit”. D’Brother plays a lot of Guitar Hero and has long, flowing lady locks.

D’Nanny is D’ Mummy’s mum. She in her early eighties and is very much NOT a frail, old Nanna. She doesn’t live with us, she lives by herself in the house D’Poppy built for her many years ago. She plays an insane amount of sport, sews a lot and enjoys being childish. For this reason D’Brother is the golden haired child.

D’Poppy died the day after my 21st birthday. He was much more my type of person where as D’Nanny is D’Brother’s type of person. D’Poppy was the truest of gentleman and was just about the most beautiful person to have ever lived. I still get misty eyed thinking about how truly wonderful he was. D’Poppy was always perfectly dressed in pressed trousers and a button up shirt. When I was younger D’Daddy convinced me D’Poppy did not have legs because I had never seen them (D’Poppy then showed me them to assure me he did, in fact, have legs).

The Bests
Bestie is obviously, my bestie. We met in year Nine when she was the new kid at school and my Primary School best friend brought her from the Japanese class they had together to come and have lunch with our group. I immediately claimed her because she was the new kid and that made her exotic and wonderful. She also had highlighted the edges of the pages in her exercise books so they could be easily identified in her locker, so she was also clearly a genius. We spent the majority of our formative years browsing in a cutesy Japanese shop in Garden City shopping center trying desperately to become Japanese school girls (she won, she went to Japan on a mini exchange) and the majority of our less formative years being drunk and silly. She threw up on my shoes on my 18th birthday and I still kept her around. She is just the most spectacularly wonderful, beautiful, smart, stylish, charming creature to have ever lived and there is no way I could do her justice in words. We are almost polar opposites in so many things yet there never fails to be a very firm and secure middle ground we always seem to find. She moved to W.A in 05 after traveling the world with her partner. A tiny piece of me died when she left but our friendship remains exactly the same despite the distance. She’ll be the Godmother of my children, my Maid Of Honour and the person who’d help me hide a body. I don’t know what I would do if anything was to happen to her, she’s my most important person, and always will be. I love her muchly.

BP or Bestie’s Partner, is as you may have guessed, Bestie’s partner fiancee husband. He’s a lovely guy who likes rocks a lot more than the average person, so much so he works with rocks for a living (he’s a Geo). If I had to pick anyone else to be in Bestie’s company more than me, it would probably be BP. He caters to her every whim much too frequently and is generally far to wonderful to her, but really I wouldn’t have it any other way, I’m the only one who’s allowed to be mean to her! He’s exceptionally bright and likes to solve logic puzzles which are incomprehensible to mere mortal (like myself). We both enjoy Sudoku and watching “fail” videos online together, he’s good people.

God Furchildren, Bestie and BP have a dog and a cat and they are my god children. They have a black and white Shitzhu called Sam and a silver Abyssinian called Lilah, both are exceptionally lovely creatures and I am rather fond of both of them. Sam is a little bit strange but we won’t hold that against him, he’s just a dog.

Jac, Not technically a Best in this sense because she is not in any way related to Bestie but she is definitely one of my best friends. Jac is my partner in crime, my fearless sidekick and my all round go-to-gal. She is always up for any adventures, however hare brained and I absolutely adore her for it, Jac is also fabulous at listening to me ranting and raving like mad woman and making it feel entirely justified and logical. I owe her my mental health.

She also has the uncanny knack of wearing all my old clothes that I give her look a thousand times better than they ever did on me, one day I’ll stop buying clothes I like for myself and give them straight to Jac just so I can appreciate them properly. Jac is also a super teacher who’s going is currently rocking the Kimberleys. Another awesome point is Jac’s hair, it’s everything I wish my hair was – thick, straight and dark – it always looks awesome and she can rock a side ponytail like no one I know.

Frequent Characters

The Posse is the collective term for my group of blogging ladies (Deb, Kate and Laura). Being all Brisbane based we hang out fairly often and have a fabulous time every single time we do. They are fabulous and play a large role in the maintenance of my sanity.

Wifey is a girl who has the same name (and middle name, except spelled differently) as Bestie. Not hugely unique but it’s spelled the same as Bestie spells her name, and I’ve never known anyone else to do that. I met her in Semester One 07 when we did an art subject together. She holds the dubious honour of being the first girl I ever fell for, and the one who forced the realization that my preoccupation with ladies might be something worth investigating. She now lives in London, has a girlfriend and we send the occasional FB message every couple of months.

New Kids on the Blog

K, so I totally meant to write Block, but it turns out I accidentally typed Blog and it makes it that much more pun-tastic.

SusieQ, another education student I met at a uni party at the end of 07. SusieQ is the old president of the Queer Collective at uni and does a fabulous job of coordinating lots of events to cover everything from a civil partnership ceremony to flag waving, screaming protests. Isn’t she clever?? She is also super fun to hang with and interesting to boot, she’s great value.

El Photog is the love of my life. As you might have guessed, she’s a photographer, a music photographer to be precise. This means I get to go to a lot of gigs for free and swan around with a false sense of importance when we go somewhere when she has a press pass. She owns her own business so she totally gets what *I* do, she’s funny and smart and a total pleasure to be around. She looks after me incredibly well. We are just on the same page about so many things, we are moving in the same direction and want many of the same things. I never get tired of seeing her, ever. She lets me cuddle her at night time, and drool on her in my sleep and she is alright with it. She’s a keeper.

So, there you have it…


3 Responses to “Who’s Who and What’s What”

  1. downhomegirl December 29, 2007 at 12:43 am #

    You know what? Because I know you in various online capacities apart from blogging, I know that Northie spells her name the same way as Bestie and Wifey, so that’s 3! But I’m not too friendly with her at the moment, so that’s a shame.

  2. jensomewhere December 29, 2007 at 8:08 am #

    downhomegirl, that’s true! I’m sad about you and Northie, hopefully things will work out.

  3. missbec June 26, 2008 at 7:47 am #

    I stumbled upon this blog, thanks to a hilarious fashion blogger called Winona. Another Brisvegian in London? If you teach over here, you may need to call in some favours from those people you met in your travels. Good luck!

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