I am a shit blogger #8763

27 Mar

Dudes, hi! I am not sure if you remember me, I’m Jen. Yep, the girl who you’ve been reading for years, the girl who was once a dedicated post-a-day blogger…. yeah, that’s me. Anyways, rather than telling you I’m sorry (yet again) for being neglectful, I’ll update you and then tell you what’s the new plan.

Ok, so you know how I said I didn’t expect to meet anyone? Yes, well, that’s normally a big invitation for the Universe to come along and kick you in the face and make you realise that you don’t control everything, and this time was no exception. So, I’ve kinda met someone… let’s call her El Photog. So, as you might be able to deduce from her cryptic blog name, she’s a photographer. A pretty good one, in fact. If you pick up any street press* in Brisbane the odds are very good you’ll see her work, not to mention all the other projects she works on.

Anyways, aside from being really good at what she does, she’s also just really nice, super smart and just a pleasure to be around. She cooks, comes Greek heritage so she has olive skin and eyelashes that inspire fits of jealousy but she totally gets my deep and passionate love of haloumi, she also owns her own business and gets what I do. The other night we were lying in bed talking about invoices and BAS statements (I know BAS statements is the same as ATM machines, try and deal). It’s pretty new so I can’t tell you heaps more simply because I don’t really know, we have plans to see each other fairly often, so let’s just say we are seeing each other? If nothing else, the quality and composition of the photos I post are bound to improve somewhat 😉

So the other news is, I am going to commit to weekly posts, at the very least. There is no real reason I can’t do this, aside from the fact I tend to piss away non-uni time so I end up with no time. The blame lies quite heavily on “Bouncing Balls” on FB, it’s becoming a problem. I should probably just cut myself off from it like I had to do with “Crystal Balls” and “Bejewelled”. I’m a fairly non-competitive person, but if someone beats me at a FB game it becomes a blood spot to regain my title. Clearly time that would be better spent on more worthwhile pursuits. I’m going to Japan twice in September and October of this year, so making some money from said pursuits is rather paramount. Watch this space for my new Etsy store!

*I know anyone who is involved with street press tends to loathe it, and it’s considered the lowest common denominator in any professional circles, but you know what? I love it. I love it’s free, and accessable and a really tops way to get a bunch of cool perspectives on stuff. Not to mention the fact you can actually get your work in print. Call me old school, but there will be epic squealing when I get published in street press. It thrills me!


Quick Dots

10 Mar
  • There was a pair of underpants on the floor of my lecture theatre this morning. Girl underpants. Worn ones, I could tell because they were kinda rolled up like they get when you take them off. I’ve thought about them most of the day (is there any way I can say that without sounding like a total fucking nutter??) I just wonder if they’d fallen out the bottom of someone’s jeans, caught up in the leg from last time they were worn and wriggled their way out during the lecture. Did someone realise you could see them through a white skirt or dress and shimmy out of them? Or, most horrifyingly, was someone getting busy in a lecture?? Lectures aren’t that dark, and there is someone standing up there talking on a microphone and considering they were in the fixth or sith row, that’s pretty fucking close to the front. Not to mention to 500 or so other people in the theatre and the fact they RECORD THAT SHIT. Nothing says romance like incredibly public sex…
  • I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it, but I am off chocolate at the moment. Since the start of the month, in fact. I haven’t even cheated! It has been incredibly difficult, chocolate is second only to air in my life, so not eating it has been a pretty big deal. For the first couple of days I would have licked it from underneath someone’s fingernails but now it’s easing off and becoming a bit more manageable. I am knee deep in wicked PMS at the moment and I still haven’t eaten it. I really do have an addiction, I am not sure if I will be able to eat it again. Like how alcoholics can’t just have one drink at a party, I don’t think I can just be a casual chocolate eater, so the healthier option is just not to eat it at all.
  • I have at least one piece of assessment due each week between now and the end of semester. For those playing at home, that’s a fuck load of assessment. They are mostly little shitty bits but they aren’t so small it’s worth not doing, so it’s just enough to bump up the stress levels and add that extra bit of pressure.  Awesome!

All Filler, No Killer

5 Mar
  • I know, I know, this is not quality blogging by any stretch of the imagination. Let’s go ahead and assume that I’m a once a week blogger now.  I’ll give you a big update about everything and then maybe next time it will be more exciting…or not. It could go either way…
  • Second week of uni is almost over. I’ve got a piece of assessment due today,  a couple of things due next week and then it’s fairly steady for the rest of the semester. Crazy, no? Turns out double degrees are a bit of work. If I had to choose, I prefer Business faculty over Creative Industries. Business gets shit done, the websites for each subject are well padded with readings and lecture notes and things and C.I. subjects have few to no readings, no lecture notes, nothing. It’s frustrating. Because of work I can’t make my C.I. lectures, one is podcast which is tops but the other (ironically, for a Film and TV subject) isn’t filmed/podcast nor do they even put up lecture notes. Three out of four subjects being fairly reasonably isn’t so bad, I guess?
  • So, work. I don’t love it. It was good when I didn’t have uni…or Grace…and my business wasn’t so busy but now, it’s long and inflexible. A couple of weeks ago I gave noticed and the dude I worked with convinced me not to and that we can swap days or drop down to one day, then when I mentioned it earlier in the week he told me it wasn’t possible. Dude, really, it was your fucking suggestion. I want to stop working there. I don’t want to start getting behind with uni when it’s only first semester, first year. My business is picking up and I don’t want to start turning away customers for the sake of working at someone else’s business and I am busy with writing. I’d like to be paid to write one day so that means doing a whole lot of unpaid writing until someone thinks I’m good enough to be paid, not to mention the fact I really like to do it. I will still have to do some work to supplement my income, but I’d prefer to just do a day or two of casual teaching which will be better money and far more flexible.
  • Friends and other peeps? I don’t forecast meeting uni friends this semester. I’ve had all but one of my tutes so far – in two of the three I am the oldest person and in one I am the second oldest person. I don’t mean like six months older than the other peeps either, I mean of the thirty kids in a tute, twenty five of them are fresh outta high school, four have done a  year of something else at Uni or TAFE and the one is me.  It’s fabulous feeling like the crypt keeper every time I venture onto campus. It’s funny to see which kids won’t be around by week six. While most of them are very, very young a few of them have realised that uni is actually a bit hard so it’s worth buying textbooks and not just coming to campus to piss around and have coffees and pretend to be an adult. Constrast this to the giggly twits who wear messy buns, denim hotpants and didn’t know there was essential readings for the class on the subject website. It really makes you wonder what gross administrative error resulted in their enrolment because God knows they do a very nice job of appearing to be as smart as a box of hair. I’m all for being a bit slack at uni, but there is a difference between putting in an 73% effort when you know you could probably do better and just really showing up purely to fuck around and meet “hot guys”.
  • LOL, I just realised I missed the “other peeps” part, but that’s because there are no other peeps. No one on my radar. Miss Jones will possibly be back at the end of the month so that will be weird. Not bad weird, just weird because I am so used to her being gone now so it would be weird if she was around. Dish is still not interested or unavailable or whatever you wanna call it, so nothing there. I am over the single thing again. I don’t have the time or energy to pursue anyone or anything so, fuck it all. I’d rather like a partner in crime again, but what are you gonna do, right? My horoscope for this month makes it sound like each day is bubbling with romantic possibilities and the party I am going to tonight was the same party I first met Miss Jones at last year, so I suppose you just never know.
  • I think that is all for now?  If anything exceptional happens tonight, I promise a weekend update but if no update you can go ahead and assume the ordinariness continued. Stay cool, chickens. Catch you in a week.

Up to Date

21 Feb

I am becoming a poor blogger again! Writing for Grace, Samesame, working, going out and sleeping and shit doesn’t leave a huge amount of idle blog time. I was already thinking that I was becoming overdue for a post, but then on Friday night Dish asked me to update. It’s poor form when a reader asks you to update, right?

I don’t really know what to tell you about? For the sake of keeping everyone on the same page, I’ll tell you more about what is happening with Dish. Nothing. That essentially covers it, but I will give you a bit more than that. A few weeks ago, and about four days after the inital pash-fest Dish decided she didn’t want to do it anymore. She said she was an all or nothing sorta gal, and she wasn’t looking for an “all”. I won’t lie, I’m a little heartbroken. I like her a bunch and she is just so fun to hang out with, but what can you do, right? I am glad she was honest, it’s better than her just going along with things for the sake of it. We still hang out. At the moment I’m really trying to remind myself that we are only friends and will be only friends and not to think things are anything more than that. Just for something different, I’m trying not to fall for someone who isn’t interested. It’s really hard, but I know that when she meets someone else or whatever it won’t be that “slap in the face” feeling so it’s better to get it sorted now.

What else? I’ve been pretty busy with business stuff. I do a fair few custom pieces and I’m working on building stock for a market stall. With uni and everything else, the time involved in the online store is a bit crazy so I’m going to try having a fortnightly stall and just work online for custom work and stuff. I don’t want to do a half assed job of things, so I’m trying to figure out how to best manage it all. I seem to be pretty half assed  in every aspect of my life at the moment, so I am trying to sort out things piece by piece. Nothing is bad but nothing is great either, I am confident I can improve things though.

That said, it’s midday on Sunday and I am yet to brush my hair. Nor have I showered or changed out of PJs. I can’t even blame it on being hungover, I am just lazy. Hey, at least I am honest though, right?

P.S. I have a desperate urge to make things with gingerbread man motifs at the moment. For some reason, I just want clothes adorned with them, I’m thinking a tshirt with a gingerbread man collar. You heard it here first kids, gingerbread men for Winter 10. It’s all I’m saying.

Jen Teaches You Shit

11 Feb

Yesterday morning I wanted to cook some eggs for breakfast. I can poach eggs the normal way, but Dish cannot and I had heard about this cling wrap method so I decided to try it and see if it really works* and to document the process so Dish, and all of you, can try it yourself.

1. Wake up and decided to eat eggs.

Yep, this is really me, 30 seconds after hopping out of bed actually rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I know, I know, who wouldn’t want to wake up to this?

2. Assemble your ingredients. You’ll need some cling film (make sure it’s ok to be heated, most are but I believe some don’t go well in the microwave, so just check), a bowl, however many eggs you’d like and a pot of gently boiling water. If you’d like toast then I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you’ll be ok to sort that out yourself.

3. Ok, so you get a bowl, then tear off a big piece of cling film. Lay it over the bowl and poke it down in  the middle a little bit so there is a little well. Crack the egg into the cling film.

4. Go ahead and gather up the cling film, making a little bag around the cracked egg. See if you can pinch a little bit of air into the bag and pinch all the ends together well. You can twist tie it all together, but I just gave it a bit of a twist and it was ok.

5. Drop that sucker into the water. Try and keep the water from going inside the pouch, you can just pull up the ends to keep it all bobbing upright every now and then. I try and stop them from touching against the sides of the pot, in case they melt. Make sure it’s not boiling too hard or you’ll melt the cling wrap **.

6. Let them hang around like this for a few minutes. It depends how runny you want them. I hate runny white bits so I left them for like four or five minutes, checking occasionally and pulling the plastic so they bob upright again.

7. Dunzo! Fish those suckers out and peel away the film. You might find a little bit of the egg sticks to the cling film, but that is ok. Make sure all the plastic is off and then dive in! Easy as pie!! Nomnomnonm.

* It worked beautifully yesterday morning. I went for a repeat performance this morning and it was an epic fail. I believe the water was boiling too hard and it ended up melting the cling film into the egg itself. I diced them, don’t eat cling film, it could be very bad for you :/

** This morning I sprayed some oil spray on the cling film before I put the egg in, as suggested by some sites. I won’t say it was the oil that made things go weird today, but just in case, I’d skip it next time. The film came away from the egg pretty well without anything yesterday morning, so i reckon you don’t need it….and watch the water temperature!!

All Filler, No Killer

4 Feb
  • I have officially killed my first mobile. Generally I replace phones because I am bored with them, but this morning when I got a new phone, it was because I kinda needed one (or as much as a person can need a phone anyways). I dropped it at work on Monday and it literally smashed into pieces. I put it back together but during calls now if it’s not dropping out, it’s making a loud hissing noise. It also doesn’t get some texts, delivers them six hours late or doesn’t send texts right away once I hit send on my end. My new phone is a Nokia E72, it does cool shit but doesn’t slide around, which I assume will be helpful in not having it break super quickly. I also now get email on my phone and there is FB too. Z.O.M.F.G.
  • Dish and I went out for dinner last night, and it was totally awesome. We didn’t go anywhere outstanding but we just had really long chats about everything, so it was fantastic. I won’t explain it, because it will be incredibly long and probably won’t make a lot of sense unless you know me fairly well, but she kinda cut through some of my bullshit which I really respect. A lot of people kind of let me just be dismissive and that won’t fly with her so I actually have to confront things. It’s uncomfortable for me to do, but ultimately far better for me to actually deal with things than pretend everything is ok. It was really, really good and I so appreciate her doing it. She is a really, really good person. She has so much integrity and is just super trustworthy. I always tend to assume I’ll be fucked over by people, unless they are in my very select group of people who I am cool with, but Dish is becoming one of those people. She has never given me any reason to think differently, I like that.
  • What is the go with today? It was almost cool on Monday but now it’s back to being disgustingly hot and humid. Queensland, really, it’s your last month of summer, traditionally things start cooling down just a touch to prepare for Autumn. Just a thought?
  • I should think about sorting out textbooks….I should also check what date uni actually goes back. I know it’s late Feburary, but I really couldn’t say for sure exactly when. Clearly very little has changed since I was last an undergrad. I do have a cool pencil case and two cool notebooks though, so you know, priorities.
  • There is a dude mowing our lawn right now. Freshly cut grass in summer has to be one of the best smells ever. I also really like the smell of ripe mangoes, and, more interestingly tinsel and chocolate and foil (like the way Easter Eggs smell, yumm!). Speaking of Easter, I’ve also come to realise that my Creme Egg addiction is actually a problem because I am not in control of it. If you put me in a room with a pile of Creme Eggs and left me to it, I can say without hesitation I would literally eat them until I fell into a diabetic coma and died. As much as I love them, they make my teeth hurt from being so sweet and give me a headache, but you can bet I don’t let that slow me down. There are very few things I wouldn’t do for a Creme Egg, if you could inject that gooey middle stuff, I’d have an IV strapped to me.

Stealing From Blind Kids

31 Jan

That’s a title from Dish, by the way. She told me she saw a student with a cute Hello Kitty hairclip the other day and she wanted to pinch it for me. (She didn’t just for the record, nor would she actually do it, I tend to avoid hanging out with petty criminals where I can).

Five minutes ago, I cracked the shits. With myself. I’ve got bags under my eyes, my skin is absolute shit, I feel really fat and gross and ALL of that is entirely my own fault. Since early December I’ve been fancying myself as a bit of a rockstar and have been eating, drinking, doing and spending whatever the fuck I wanted and it’s all caught up with me.

I hate having bad skin. I hate it so, so, so much! My skin is usually great, I am a confirmed soap and water girl but despite that, it’s always pretty fantastic. Right now I have blemishes and it’s just not looking good so obviously what I am putting in my skin is crap since I’m not treating the outside any differently. Anyway, I have made some plans for Feburary:

  • No more than a couple of glasses a wine per week! I’ve been drinking far too much and far too often, which leads to hangovers, which leads to hasbrowns, sooo….
  • No fast food. If I’m not hungover, I won’t need Maccas. Any other times I can avoid fast food without too much trouble, but if I’m hungover there are few things I wouldn’t do for Maccas. Not cool.
  • Three salads a week. Despite being a vege, I have been particularly crap at the actual eating of veges lately. Toast has again crept in as a major food group which is neither a proper meal nor nutrititionally sound. I eat toast because it’s easy and quick. I had lunch today at Gloria Jeans and it was a skinny Chai Latte and a piece of rasin toast. Grown ups should not eat like that.

I am not overly concerned by the amount of sleep I get. Overall it’s quite resonable and I generally get more sleep than I probably require so now I’m just getting the lower end of a normal amount of sleep, so it’s not like I’m the walking dead quite yet. I don’t really want to go out any less if there are cool things to go to, so that is all good. Spending, well, that’s probably always something I could do less of. My bills get paid, so that is important but I am pretty keen to make it to Japan in September, so that will mean far less spending and far more penny pinching…but that’s another post for another day.