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The Time Has Come…

21 Aug

Dudes, let me just say what we’ve all known is coming…

I’m done.

I’d like to say I have the time and inclination to continue to write long posts frequently, but I just don’t. I teach part-time now, I have my own business, I’m pretty much living with El Photog these days (and will be officially living with her when I get back from Japan), oh yeah, I’m going to Japan, plus otherwise living life. Between all of that, I just don’t rate sitting down and writing posts anymore.

However, all is not lost. I still spend a fair amount of time online, so I’m not giving it all up. In fact, I think the decision will bring a new life to my online presence. Between Twitter (follow me @Grace_Downunder) and FB (Nah, probs won’t add you if you’re just a random) I post a huge amount of links and pictures and little stories and random bits and pieces, so rather than continuing to clog up everyone’s feed with my posts and to stay connected those this whole blogosphere, I’ve made a Tumblr.

I don’t promise a post a day, or even a post a week. I am incredibly sporadic, some weeks it’ll be 30 posts and then I’ll get busy for a month and show you no love, but it will be cool, I promise!

Of course, I can’t just walk away from this without saying just a few words. I owe blogging so much! Blogging has provided me with some of the most wonderful people in my life. Some of these people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, or even hanging out with in “real life”, others I’m yet to cross paths with but I’ve had so many wonderful experiences with these peeps. Blogging has given me an outlet that I’m certain has saved my life, having a place to vent and process and work through stuff that seemed insurmountable at the time, to a group of unfailingly supportive and lovely readers is more than I could have ever asked for. It’s lead to opportunity, networks and all sorts of awesome connections that are just awesome. It’s you that has made this so fun, knowing there are people out there who care enough to visit my URL is just so special. Despite not having updated for months, I’m still getting about 40 hits a day, that’s mad! Maybe it’s all spambots or whatever else, but it’s awesome.

So, I guess that’s it. I’d love you all to come and play on Tumblr with me. I’ll never say never to returning to blogging in the original sense, but for now, something a bit more flexible works for me.

Catch you on the flipside, loves!


I’m Alive!

30 Jun

Well, I was still alive a couple of weeks ago, but I was also super busy since then, so there you go…

I would love to tell you in graphic detail about the horrors of having my teeth out, but really, it was pretty pleasant. I went into the hospital, there was hardly any waiting, I got admitted and put on my gown and then before I knew it I was wheeled into theater. The nice Doctor put the drip in and I barely felt it (the part I was most scared of!) and then he told me to think of a nice warm beach. I told him I didn’t like the beach, and he told me to think of a nice warm shopping centre. I had some nice dreams and the next thing I knew I was waking up and a nurse was tying ice packs around my face. I woke up really easily, I didn’t feel sick or anything, just that my face was really swollen. They checked all my vitals and I got dressed and then sat in the recovery area. I asked to rinse out my mouth because it felt kinda bloody but other than that, it was all good. My lower jaw, bottom lip and tongue were all numb. It felt weird to talk and I couldn’t open my mouth very wide. They gave me lemonade and a straw but if your tongue is asleep, a straw is incredibly hard to use.

After about 40 minutes I was allowed to go so D’Daddy drove me home. I was feeling a bit shit, just kinda swollen and numb so I come home and jumped straight into bed. I woke up after a few hours and tied to frozen peas to my head and then dozed sitting up on the couch. I slept in a recliner for the first night, I was scared of rolling over in my sleep and sleeping on my cheek so I figured a recliner was best.

The next day it was alright, all of my face was awake again and I was just taking normal pain killers. I’d had some pureed apple and custard the night before and was starving but pureed anything was all I was up for. That night I had the opening night for the exhibition I was in. You might have seen the pics of my face on FB, it was really big. All of my work sold within the first few hours of opening, which was tops and a lot of my peeps came out to see it which was also cool but I was still feeling a little bit dazed and confused.

By about day four I was only on Panadol once a day and my face was pretty much back to normal. I only had a little bit of bruising which I think was helped by the fact I was icing my face heaps and slept sitting up for the first two nights. I’ve only started to eat properly in the past couple of days and I’m still full of stitches. I have a fuckload of stitches in my mouth and they don’t seem very intent on dissolving, but that’s ok because I can eat toast again.

That was probably the thing I disliked most about the whole ordeal. No toast for like a week and a bit, it was very rough. El Photog took very good care of me, she bought me magazines to read, a stuffed toy to cuddle and more custard than I could jump over. She made me many meals of soft eggs, fetched ice packs from the freezer and otherwise listened to me whinge and whine about hurting or not being able to move my mouth properly. I love her 😀

Things are still super busy. I’m applying for jobs, making stock like a crazy woman and getting ready for a few custom pieces. If you want me to do any custom work, now is the time to ask, I’ve got a little bit of time before the semester goes back!

Brooding as Fuck

4 Jun

Right now,  I am in a coffee shop playing on my Mac while El Photog spends some time brushing on up graphic design-y stuff for the person she’s relieving while he goes on his honeymoon (yeah, she’s THAT clever. Photos AND can design magazine layouts and stuff). I feel like such a wanker, smooth jazz is pumping, I am sipping a coffee based drink and people watching.

To my left, a mother and daughter duo fussing over the daughter’s baby. Daughter is plagued with the typical new mother guilt “He’s not eating enough”, “I think I’ve dressed him too warmly”, “Oh, I didn’t realise these booties weren’t fair trade” (all actual quotes) and Mother is kinda letting her talk, not really doing anything to agree with her or address her concerns. They are both interacting with each other, yet they don’t seem at all connected, it’s weird.

Outside, on my right, is a group of older dudes all in black. Some have bald heads, and tattoos or a combination of these characteristic. I assume they are planning burglaries and casino heists but it’s more likely they are planning a charity event or discussing someone’s recent conversion to Buddhism. Being judgmental, it’ll get you every time.

Not a lot goes on in a coffee shop mid Friday arvo, I suspect if this was a bar things would be slightly more pumping….but they probs wouldn’t have free wifi 😉

A Unique Investment Opportunity

30 Oct

Earlier this week, before I found out I was employed, I had a cry on FB about having to cancel my birthday tattoo. A beautiful fellow blogger suggested I might put a donation button on my blog, so interested parties could throw me a couple of bucks. While the idea that other people would want to part with their money simply for something I want is totally lovely, it didn’t quite sit right with me. The idea of asking people for money just makes me feel so bad!

During the week a couple of other people mentioned they’d also be keen, and that I should do it. In the past, quite a few people have overpaid when buying things from my shop, simply because they just like the blog and wanted to do something nice and pay an extra few bucks. However, let me be the first to announce there are far more worthy causes than my frivolous wants and needs. People can’t afford medicine and food and things, so I do actually realize how incredibly privileged I am simply by being born a white person, living in a capital city in Australia. On the other hand, who am I to dictate what people spend their money on? I wouldn’t want someone to tell me what to do with the money I earn, and I can spend it as I please.

Let me explain my idea. I am going to get my half sleeve on my left arm started in a couple of weeks. It’s going to be candy/cupcake themed and is going to be super bright, happy, colorful and girly. I have left it in the hands of my very capable and talented tattoo artist as to the ultimate placement and arrangement of things, but I trust his ideas so it’s all fine. In between the larger pieces, I am going to have smaller “filler” type stuff – little candies, maybe some stars, just stuff I like that will add to the overall fun of the piece as a whole. This has always been the plan, it’s been in the works for months and has been booked for several weeks now, so it has always been something I was going to do.

So here’s what I am suggesting. As a purely optional pursuit, you may donate to the tattoo fund. You can donate $1 or $1000 or anything in between, or nothing at all. Any donations won’t buy my friendship, respect, loyalty, links to your blog, pimping of whatever you are trying to sell or anything like that.  I’m friends with my friends, I respect people who deserve respect and I’ll link you if are you cool (although, I am severely overdue to update my links, so I may well link you if you donate, but I may also link you if you don’t!). For donations of $40 or more, I am offering a unique experience for you to be part of my arm. If you donate $40 or more, I’ll let you choose 1 piece of candy to include as filler in my half sleeve. It will just be 1 piece of candy (like an M&M, jellybean, gummi bear, etc), it can be whatever color you like so long as it’s bright and colorful (and my artist has the color) and will be no larger than 2cm x 2cm. There is no claiming placements or anything like that, if you want a candy it will just be put whatever the artist thinks it will look best. You don’t get to write shit on the candy, you don’t get to choose random objects and nothing weird or creepy or anything like that. You get to pick one small piece of candy, choose a traditional color for said candy (no polka dotted jellybeans, for example) and have it included somewhere in the half sleeve. If you want to donate and don’t want to pick anything that’s ok as well, I won’t force anyone to do it 🙂

The link is below, if you’d like to donate, please go ahead. If you don’t want to, simply read on, no hard feelings. Whether I get no donations or 1503 donations, I’m gonna get this tattoo, this will simply provide some additional funds towards to project. If you donate and “buy” a candy, I’m happy to post you a picture of it once it’s all done and colored so you can have some evidence of your “purchase”, if you’d like that just leave your address in the comments section in PayPal.

***If you want to hate, please just jog on. I don’t care to hear it. If you don’t like tattoos, don’t donate. I am a consenting adult of legal age. I have several other tattoos and I will get more after this piece. I have my work done in a clean, licensed parlor by an amazing, experienced artist whom I trust completely. I am prepared to be an old lady with a wrinkled, droopy half sleeve. I understand the impact this may have on employment opportunities. I know only prostitutes and drug dealers have tattoos, and no nice boys will want girls with tattoos. I don’t know why I want to permanently mark myself, it’s not because I hate my parents, it’s not to try and be cool and it’s not to look tough. I guess I just like something that the majority of the population doesn’t seem overly keen on, but that doesn’t make it wrong or bad, it just makes it different. My skin, not yours. ***

New Directions

10 Oct

I’ve been wanting to write about this for like a week now, but I don’t really know how to start off so I’ve been putting it off. I think I’m gonna go with dots, just because it’s all confusing and stuff so this is probably the easiest way:

  • Miss Jones and I are failing at being broken up.
  • When she met “someone”, I didn’t really care to concern myself with the details and assumed the someone was a “Someone” and they were weeks away from moving in together and getting dogs.
  • That was actually not the case.
  • After being particularly lame and feeling fundamentally shaken by her leaving, I finally told her that I miss her heaps and still pretty well feel the same as I did about her while she was here.
  • Turns out Miss Jones is on a similar page.
  • So now? Well, nothing is different. I still don’t want her to come home until she’s ready, she still won’t come home until she’s ready but it’s become obvious that neither of us is really ready to just walk away from the idea of “us”. If she comes back in the near future, wild horses would not stop me from running, crying, all the way to the airport if I had to. Once there, I think we would need to construct some sort of adult size baby sling because it’s most unlikely that I would release my vice-like grip on her for at least several days so strapping myself to her would be the most practical option. The mere thought of her coming back makes me all misty-eyed so I generally can’t think about it for too long, lest I burst into tears.
  • The idea of us ending and moving in new directions sounded all good in theory, but in practice? Not so much. How do you fall out of love with someone that you love with every molecule of your body, when they’ve done nothing to make you feel any different?? I’m sure that it would probably be the smart idea, to just cut your losses and move on thusly preventing any chance of future heartbreak, but I just can’t do it. Maybe I will end up crushed if Miss Jones ends up landing an awesome job and never planning on coming home. I am very, very aware of the risk I am taking by being just a little bit madly in love with someone who is living on the other side of the world for an indefinite period. I know there is every chance that things may just crash and burn and I’ll end up sitting in the shower crying my eyes out for a couple of weeks, but despite all of that, I still can’t do it. I can’t walk away, I am way too invested in her so I don’t even care. I’d rather risk having my heart broken than missing out on a chance, however unlikely it may be, to be with her.
  • Just for some added lame, I’m all gushy about her at the moment. I get all excited and butterflies-in-the-tummy when I get an email from her or see her come online. I guess because it’s sort of returned to the “ooh, I wonder how much she likes me” days that it’s all fun and exciting. I google “time in London” several times and day and wonder what she is doing (I know I could just remember the time difference, but I don’t). I talk about her to anyone who’ll listen, think about her all day every day and get all excited about being able to tell her the mundane shit I do. Whoever came up with the “distance makes the heart grown fonder” stuff, really knew his shit.

I know some of you lovely people who are solely concerned with my well being are going to see this as an epic disaster which will only be a matter of time until a big crash and burn. I totally appreciate the concern, but I know what I am doing and I’m jumping in with my eyes wide open. While there is the chance things will go badly, there is also just as much chance of a happily ever after. I am absolutely willing to take that chance, however small. Turns out I really can’t just walk away from her, from us.

My new shop

1 Oct

Peeping Tomasina

Opening specials from 1st til 10th October. Freebies with all purchases and new stock being added often. You could not visit my shop, but are you prepared to live with that kind of crushing disappointment forever??

Go now!!

20 Aug


This popped up in my reader today from Le Quaintrelle (not only is she as cute as pie, she is obviously psychic too!) I’m watching How I Met Your Mother at the moment and this episode Lily (my favourite!) has quit being a Kindergarten teacher and is trying to find her true calling but is pretty much failing. Clearly I’m not the only one to have had this delimma. [Edit: It’s over, Lily went back to teaching and it’s all happy families again. Bitches, there is not always a happy ending!!]

In other news, my class has had the centre’s first case of swine flu and I’ve got another four kids away sick at the moment. We got the official notification from Queensland Health today and now there are notices posted everywhere is a variety of languages and letters going home. We cleaned down everything in our room today and there is hand santizier pumps on every counter in the place, it kind of seems like bio-hazard suits and portable, mutli angle shower sprays will be the next step in the decontamination process. Just in case that wasn’t quite enough, we’ve also got a prolonged case of headlice doing the rounds. I am certain I’ll get the lice, the kids delight in swapping their hats with mine and I never worried about it but now hearing we’ve got (and had) lice, it makes me suspicious.

Now for two fabulous stories:

1) Remember the parent who snarked on me the other day? Well, she and her husband had a meeting today with the bosses about things. No one has said anything to me about it, but I am sure it has to do with how much she dislikes me as a teacher. Anyways, after her meeting she came into the room to collect her kid and was looking awfully smug (probably after hearing tomorrow is my last day). They were looking at some work the kids had done and one of my girls was following them around, telling them about the work. She read one sign and mispronounced the medium we’d used to make that art, the little girl following them around said “No, it’s like this” and corrected her pronounciation. It was not intended to be mean or bitchy, but it was the best burn I’ve witnessed in a long time…and I love her for doing it, even though she didn’t intend it to be a shut down.

2) The kids often make me “food” from the sandpit, and being a good shitty teacher, I pretend to eat it. After they tire of real food the game almost always disolves into offerings of “poo poo cake” and “yucky garbage soup” which I still pretend to eat which is just the most hilarious thing in the world, if you are four. Anyways, during the game one of the little girls offered me an imaginary baby in her hands. I pretended to eat it and then all of a sudden she got very serious and told me that “No, Miss Jen, you can’t eat babies”. Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious.

2a) (I forgot about this one, but it’s too good not to share) Today one of my girls was drawing and she showed me a picture of a person with a dress and high heels. I asked her to tell me about it and she explained it’s her dad when he wears a dress and high heels. Having met Dad and finding him to be an uber cool, trendy guy I presume it was for a party or dress up or something rather than true cross dressing, but either way, admiting your dad wears dresses and high heels is awesome!

Last day of school tomorrow. I’m excited to have a bit of time off to sort shit out but hopefully it won’t be too long between jobs. I’ve been applying for stuff pretty freely so hopefully someone will want me.