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3 weeks!

29 Apr

God, it’s been over three weeks since I last updated! Not cool.

Uni is super busy, I just recently dropped one subject and it’s making life far better. Three subjects is still full time but next semester I intend to just do two subjects. It means it will take longer to finish my courses but I am down with that, at the moment, I have no time to do anything so it’s not working for me.

I am still all loved up. El Photog is super busy at the moment being all talented and successful but I still stay over at least 3/4 nights a week. Last weekend we went away to her housemate’s parents house in the hinterlands near Byron Bay. It was totally amazing. Gorgeous weather, a super amazing place to stay and just heaps of time chilling together, it was so fantastic. Even more amazing, after almost three days of each others company 24/7, there was no fighting or nit picking! It’s just awesome, she is awesome, I am very happy at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

Business stuff is also going well, I’ve got another market coming up which should be cool. I had one the other month which was pretty good – aside from being as hot as fuck and wildly uncomfortable but this time the weather should be a little cooler and I have invested in some low beach chairs, so comfort levels will be better as well. El Photog is incredibly wonderful to me and is going to help me get a product catalogue sorted and shoot my things for a new online store. I would really like to start getting stocked in stores by the end of this year, so a product catalogue will be very useful for that. Brisbane is also getting an In.cube8r, so I wanna grab a cube when that opens too!

What else? Fam is good, friends are good, I’ve booked to go to Japan later in the year, once with the Fam and a few weeks later with Ramz-o-saurus. No real idea how I’m going to afford these trips just now, but I am hopeful it will sort itself out.

I’ve just registered as a Qld Teacher, I figured almost 2 years after I graduated is a good time to actually get it done, plus it means I can get relief work in schools. Relief teachers get paid silly amounts of money, and if there is anything I like a whole bunch, it’s silly amounts of money! It also means I don’t have to work at the Magic Store anymore. It stresses me out in a massive way, not the work so much, but the dude I work with. It’s not worth the amount of stress I get as a result of working there.

Right now I have to run because I have an appointment with an oral surgeon. After years and years and years of dodging the fact I need to have my wisdom teeth out, I’ve bitten the bullet and started making moved towards having it done.It terrifies me, but it’s getting a little bit ridiculous now, so it’s time…


Good Stuff

23 Jan

Can I just say that Thursday and Friday have both been really awesome days.

Thursday was a pupil free day for Dish, so she headed to school and I entertained myself without having our usual constant SMS conversation that occurs during every waking moment. I was super productive and drove into the city to dash to an army disposal store. (Did you know how fucking few of those bitches are around anymore?? Driving into the city during peak hour and paying for parking was the path of least resistence in going to an army disposal store, how mad is that??) After the city I went to my favourite cupcake place (the same place who never called me back *heartbroken*) and grabbed some cupcake for D’Mummy and a treat for Dish, then Iย  went to my tattoo shop for some quality inking time.

Three and a half hours later and we’ve got it colored but there is still some little bits to add in as well as the backgrounds. I think we’re working on another 3 or so hour session to get it done and dusted. I reckon the shading was less painful than the outlining, but today I am starting to grow some super attractive purple brusing. It’s sexy. Last night night I went out and a bunch of people complimented it (they also were fond of hitting my arm in conversation forgetting it was fresh or just touching the tattoos and being weird).

Can I just say, it’s poor form to touch someone else’s tattoos. Obviously, I have heaps of people who I’d let lick my tattoos if they so desired, but if I don’t know you please don’t come up and touch, it’s just a bit creepy. I don’t come up and fondle your skin, so just because mine is tattooed doesn’t make it ok. It’s still my skin. (If you’re thinking “ZOMG, I’ve touched it, she means me”, I don’t. If we are even merely FB friends it’s ok if you touch it, I more mean random people at shops and stuff. Middle ages ladies are the worst, in my experiences.)

So post tattoo I caught up for an “After First Day Back” debriefย  with Dish and we unwrapped my arm together in the car. As a non-tattooed kind I was worried I lost her a couple of times when she felt how hot it was through the cling wrap, when I mentioned the seeping blood that had collected in the folds of the cling wrap and how it was all weird looking with the excess ink and stuff but generally she took it like a trooper. I did ask before wrapping it, I’m not all bad! that night I slept pretty well but woke up and had to peel my shirt off the fresh ink it had stuck to which is always a lovely thing to do.

Friday I made a bunch of brooches and had a bit of a disco nap because I didn’t sleep super well the night before. Met Dish for coffee after school and made our evening plans. She had to go do stuff and I came home and ate dinner and dicked around until I headed out. Going out Friday night is becoming a bit of a habit now, each week Dish and I assure ourselves it’s not gonna be a big night and that we’ll be home at a reasonable hour and each week we head home as the sun is starting to make an appearance. Last night was no exception. It was a little exceptional in the fact that I didn’t have quite the collection of friends I normally have on Friday nights so we had more time to…do other stuff. PashFest 2010 was definately a highlight of recent weeks. Dish is lovely and always smells pretty, I like her ๐Ÿ™‚

Tonight? I am having a quiet one. Dish is camping with a friend and I am more than happy to have a nothing night at home. Tomorrow night we are going out to see MacHomer and I believe dinner was mentioned with Dish’s best and his partner, so it’ll be a bit of a double date, weeee!

Things are good, peeps. I know everything is temporary and that Dish is still going in a while, but for now, I’ll take it ๐Ÿ˜€

All Filler, No Killer

20 Jan
  • Everytime I see Dish, she asks me if I’m going to blog about stuff. I love that she thinks my life is interesting enough to warrant putting everything online, much less having the skillz to make that shit sound worthwhile. Today we parked in the city to grab some Starbucks and were arguing about something and she asked if I was going to blog about it, yet another reason this plan would fail – I have a memory like a seive. I believe we were fighting about the parking meter,ย  but I can’t be sure.
  • I’ll limit myself to one point of gushing. Dish showed up at the store on Monday morning bearing a coffee for me. Such a sweet gesture! I was helping the dude I work with do something so she only stayed a bit, but after he finished his stuff and left she came back and chilled for most of the day. I can’t even begin to tell you how much funner it is to have a work buddy. As an extra treat SusieQ also dropped in a while! Not content with spending most of the day together, Dish and I had dinner and then went to my new most favourite place in Brisbane in the known universe. $3 “corkage” but this corkage covers any manner of alcohol, and you just kinda sit around and chill on the footpath. I am not sure of the exact legality of this arrangement, but police drove by a bunch of times and saw everyone drinking and did not stop so I presume it’s not all bad. Regardless, it was super fun and chilled and just awesome, I loved it heaps! Best night I’ve had in a really long time!
  • So, I’ve got another 3.5 hours of work booked on my arm tomorrow. I love it, but I am so sick of seeing it outlined, I need color!! I asked Dish to pick the color of my cupcake wrapper, I want her to be a little part of it so I gave her an element of one of my favourite bits. I learned from last time when I printed the outlines onto my pillowcases and sheets during the night as the excess ink blotted out, and this time I’m gonna sleep on a towel or something. I kind of want to press up against someone to see if I can print the tattoo on them (temporarily, of course) but the idea ofย  pressing my swollen, seeping, fresh tattoo against someone else isn’t the most attractive prospect, for either party…
  • I have tickets for MacHomer on Sunday night. It’s opening night, oooh la la. I love reviewing stuff and getting free tickets. I reckon I’d be great at being famous or even just behind-the-scenes kind of important, I’ll go to any opening night, I just love it! Taking Dish, yayyyy!
  • I am officially a student again! I have the card to prove it. I showed up at the counter, they checked who I was and asked me to sit on the little stool for my picture to be taken. The card lady was dicking around with the machine and in the peace and quiet of the big student centre “TAKE, TAKE, TAKE, TAKE, TA-TA-TA-TA-TAKE, TAKE” starts booming out of my handbag. I lean down and dive into my bag to reject the call (and silence Mel & Kin) before the entire floor was staring at me. The card lady asked if I was ready and I said “Yes, just one second” and then shoved my phone back in my back and lifted my eyes to see the camera. It was about that point that she took the picture, which has resulted in me looking like a gargyole or something similar in my photo. My hair is all falling forward, it looks like I have no neck and I have this creepy halfway smile. Aside from all of that, I have a sdtudent card in my hot, little hands so everything is once again right in the world.

Stuff and Things

17 Jan
  • Dudes, it has bee a while, right? Let’s catch up!
  • Blogging from a new Toshiba. For the last few months, the Mac was getting progressively worse – internet dropping out constantly, stuff freezing, being painfully slow to do anything, barely holding a charge and shitty stuff like that. I decided to bite the bullet and grab a new one. Wasn’t prepared to spend a buttload of money on another Mac so I went back to Toshiba. Got it home yesterday, took off the packaging, turned it on and …. nada. Packed it all back up, returned to JB and they swapped it over for a new one. New one works like a charm. As great as Macs are, there is nothing quite like running programs that have all been designed to work on a PC. I won’t turn down a Mac in future, but so long as I’m a dirty student, I won’t be paying for one ๐Ÿ™‚
  • So, peeps, Dish is now amongst our ranks. I linked her, so any illusions of cool I may have been able to create are now well and truly blown out of the water. We’ve seen each other many days this week and I could still see her now and spend several hours hanging out without any difficulties. I just really like hanging with her, she’s really lovely and chilled and just fun to be around. No drama, just fun times. I am very happy. We got pissy together Friday night after a day at the coast, I was happy to just go out for a bit and just drive, and that became going out but having an early one, then we ended up going out and drinking (she stopped long enough to sober up) and driving us home at 3am. The second week in a row we’ve gone out until the wee hours!ย  She’s met most of my peeps (the ones who are in Brisbane, anyways) and I’ve met some of hers. As far as I’m aware it’s all peachy, so yay.
  • I failed on my ‘no buying” deal. It’s not clothes though, which is semi-ok! Joanne Mercer had a sale, they were $119 and with all the further reductions they came to $21.80 or something crazy. Beige, suede, kind of like Sunday school teacher sandals except with studs and things as decoration.
  • I feel a little vom worthy today. Not sure if it’s a little bit of a bug, or my tummy rebelling against two days of back to back drinking and eating very poorly and sporadically. Last night was a very tame effort, I only had a couple of glasses if wine. I ordered a Dominos veggie pizza after I woke up from the nap I started at 5pm (lame!) and it came with garlic grawns on it! Easy to pick off, but not what I ordered and they kind of tainted it will their own flavour so it was very ordinary. Fail train, Dominos!
  • So this week involves working, seeing Dish and finishing my tattooooooo (or at least getting very close to finishing it). I can also finalize my uni class allocations and get my student card!! Dish goes back to school (she’s also a teacher, not a school student, I’m not that dodgy ๐Ÿ˜‰ so that will reduce my texting to just a few a day. We normally send quite a number throughout the day, which is tops. It will be a little sad, actually, not to have little messages to look forward to .

footprints in the sand, change of plans…

9 Jan

Right, first up, let’s call the newest lady date – Dish. Last night I was getting my drink on and Dish and her Best joined up for several hours. It was great, no pashing though. Many of my friends were being less than discreet about my need to hook up with her and it was a little bit awkward. I apologised about it last night, she said it was no worries and this morning we caught up on MSN and got everything sorted. I didn’t know if she was into me, I know she is moving OS and doesn’t want to commit to anything so I didn’t want to make anything awkward or weird for her by making any moves and putting her in an uncomfortable position. She said didn’t want to lead me on or make things seem like more than they are so she just held back, despite wanting to make a move. I am totally ok with this and more than happy to just enjoy the ride and appreciate things for what they are. I am really happy going into things with eyes wide open and knowing exactly what it is. This is a mutually agreeable arrangement. I wouldn’t say we are together by any means, but we aren’t not together. It just is what it is, I think now that has been sorted things will be less confusing and will just evolve naturally. My peeps adore her and her Best had an awesome time hanging with us last night so it’s all just gravy at the moment. We text several hundred times a day and I saw her three times in the last week. I just booked tickets for us to see Polyphonic Spree in February and we have about a million other “dates” planned. It’s just fun ๐Ÿ™‚

I have also decided that for the next month (for starters), I am not going to buy any new clothes. My wardrobe which was half full when I moved back to Oz is now bursting at the seams in less than a year of being back. I feel like a dirty, rotten consumer. So much of what I own is not stuff I need by any means, but stuff I have just liked or because because I could. I have so many clothes I don’t even remember what I own anymore. It’s not good. So for one month, I make do with what I have. I can sew stuff from fabric I already own or refashion existing clothes, but no more new stuff. This goes for shoes too. I have an obscene shoe collection. I figure after a month I will have a better idea of what clothes I do have, and if there are any glaring gaps in my wardrobe. I know I am lacking in winter clothes to a degree, but I have at least four months before I need to start even thinking about that, so let’s just focus on the task at hand.

P.S. I can get my new uni student card on the 19th of this month. I wonder how lame it will be if I am weeping with joy during my picture? Is it even possible to be this much of a nerd??

Here We Go Again!

8 Jan

So, dudes, 2010. How’s it all travelling?

I was ready to see the arse end of 2009 as it was, but as a parting shot I spent midnight sitting next to D’Daddy’s bed in the emergency ward. Turns out NYE was the night a couple of his gallstones decided to go for a bit of a wander – cue acute pain, major discomfort and an ambulance ride for D’Daddy. The gallstones went or whatever else they do to stop hurting, but his gallbladder was infected and they were planning on taking it out. After a few days in hospital the antibiotics fixed him up and he was allowed to come home and have the actual op in a couple of weeks. Drama til the very last second, I tell you.

So I’ve been “seeing” my date every couple of days now (probs time to give her a name, leave it with me…) Had ice-cream last Tuesday, then breakfast Saturday and then dinner on Tuesday night. There are tentative plans to catch up for some drinks tonight. I really don’t know how this is gonna play out, she’s really fun and lovely and just chilled about everything. She is planning on going OS mid year, but not indefinately and has also said she’s not against long-distance relationships. I am kinda happy to be involved with her under whatever situation will work, but I am not entirely sure if she’s keen or she’s not sure what she wants or if she’s not sure where *I* stand on things. I am just having fun, I like hanging out with her so even if it doesn’t evolve into pashing then whatevs.

Have had Best back in Brisbane for the last couple of weeks now. Between her, new date and seeing my other friends I have become quite the social butterfly. At the start of next week though, she’ll be pissing off to London so things will quieten down again. I love the couple of weeks that I get to see Best and Jac every year, but they are always so hectic! It’s hard to fit a year or so worth a quality time into just a week, occupational hazard of being the one who is left behind, I guess.

Tonight I am gonna get my drink on. I am feeling a little too full of brain cells so it’s time to thin them out again. I have made three different kinds of jelly shots. One is Love cordial and vodka with heart shaped sprinkles, the other is pear juice and Pears Absolut and the last type is Bacardi and guava. I have gone slightly overboard and made 50+ shots for what may end up being about six people, but it’s so fun. Soon I will slice up tiny pieces of pear to set into the pear shots and maybe find some other decoration for the guava ones. The Love ones turned out amazingly, I am feeling very excited because it’s kind of like cooking and I didn’t fuck it up. Fingers crossed for one random pash, I don’t even care who, just feel like pashing ๐Ÿ™‚

Good News Week

16 Dec

First, I got into uni. I always thought I was going to, then someone asked what I’d do if I didn’t get in and I had never considered that possibility, so I was freaking out for a while, but I got in. I’ve enrolled already because: 1) I am a big, fat, uni lover who can’t get enough of the “student” tag. 2) I want to make sure my place is mine and confirmed so no one will take it away from me.ย  I chose to major in management for my business degree and fashion for creative industries, it was gonna be management or HR, and I’m just a bit over the humanities type subjects, so management it is. I am sure it will involve some of the touchy feely stuff, but also strategies, and I fucking love a good strategy!

Two, Earlier this week I found out that Grace The Spot was looking for a new Grace. GTS is my favorite of all the lady lovin’ blogs on the net so I just had to email them and earlier today I got an email back from the editor-in-chief who told me they are looking for more writers and would love to have me on board. I just need to do a sample blog post for them to make sure I gel with the GTS style. I think I can do it, at least I believe I can do it. GTS is my style – informal, chatty and funny, and when I’m actually trying, I can be all of those things ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cross your fingers, toes and anything else you can manage to cross, I really want to be a Grace!!

Lastly, but in no way leastly, I SEE MY SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER ON THE WEEKEND. I have little doubt Jac is my twin spirit, it’s like we were split from the same embryo….while at the same time being fundamentally different in some respects. Regardless, I get to enjoy almost three whole days of her delicious company. I suspect I might weep with joy the entire time, because she is just the shiny, red cherry on my fantastically awesome week. I ADORE her. Expect several thousand pictures. I was thinking of doing like a photo an hour or something, a photo essay of every bit of my entire weekend or something. Fuck. Yes!