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Remember Me?

2 Jun

Hey, I’m not sure if you remember me? I’m Jen, I used to blog here about a million years ago…

So, I am very almost done with the first semester of uni. All in all, it wasn’t a great idea. I don’t have the time to study full time, I’m not sure why I thought I did, but I really don’t. Even dropping one subject didn’t make a massive difference, however, I made it through and next semester I’ll be studying part time (and hopefully externally, if I can find any of my subjects that offer it) so the hideousness of the last few weeks should never be repeated.

El Photog and I are super loved up. Like truly, madly, deeply. I think for all intents and purposes we basically live together, it’s a stretch if I stay at my own house two nights a week these days. I just don’t get sick of her. There are very, very few people who don’t start to shit me after a while, but she is just one of them. It’s all new for me, I’ve never been this loved up before. It’s only been a couple of months but happily ever afters have already started to be discussed, not even in the “LoLz, let’s get married, hahahah” kinda way but in the “I really want to wake up next to you every morning until forever” kinda way. This weekend I met her entire extended family, it was very much a “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” occasion being the only vego in the room, but thankfully a friend of ours also came for a while to help with the photo shoots (yep, I told you it was big) and he’s vegan so I had someone to take the heat off πŸ˜‰ I had a really fun time, I think there was more people in that room than there is in my entire family tree and it turns out Greek people are super loud so I had kind of a dull headache by the end of the evening, but not a bad word to say. I was welcomed so warmly, THANK GOD!

Business/arty stuff is really starting to pick up. The benefits of dating a photographer (aside from touching boobs) is having my product photos done…they aren’t done yet, but they will be soon so I will have a fancy new Etsy store to sell from. I’m in another exhibition in a couple of weeks. I’ll be showing five papercuttings and the most exciting bit about this one is that it will be on a while, so people can come and see my work AND I get the chance to sell them! It’s potentially a chance to make some phat cash, which would be awesome! I’ve been doing a monthly market and have inquired about a weekly one starting up soon. I’ve also been in talks about getting some space at a studio in the Valley and also having my work sold in a gallery shop, so please keep your fingers crossed tightly!

I guess that’s it for now? I thought for a long time I’d just delete my blog but now, having written a post, I think I remember why I like doing this. I actually miss it, so rather than promise to blog more often and feel bad when I don’t get aΒ  chance to do it, I’m just gonna say “Hi” and please know that I am around the traps, I miss you guys and I do want to blog more regularly so you just might be hearing more from me!


3 weeks!

29 Apr

God, it’s been over three weeks since I last updated! Not cool.

Uni is super busy, I just recently dropped one subject and it’s making life far better. Three subjects is still full time but next semester I intend to just do two subjects. It means it will take longer to finish my courses but I am down with that, at the moment, I have no time to do anything so it’s not working for me.

I am still all loved up. El Photog is super busy at the moment being all talented and successful but I still stay over at least 3/4 nights a week. Last weekend we went away to her housemate’s parents house in the hinterlands near Byron Bay. It was totally amazing. Gorgeous weather, a super amazing place to stay and just heaps of time chilling together, it was so fantastic. Even more amazing, after almost three days of each others company 24/7, there was no fighting or nit picking! It’s just awesome, she is awesome, I am very happy at the moment πŸ™‚

Business stuff is also going well, I’ve got another market coming up which should be cool. I had one the other month which was pretty good – aside from being as hot as fuck and wildly uncomfortable but this time the weather should be a little cooler and I have invested in some low beach chairs, so comfort levels will be better as well. El Photog is incredibly wonderful to me and is going to help me get a product catalogue sorted and shoot my things for a new online store. I would really like to start getting stocked in stores by the end of this year, so a product catalogue will be very useful for that. Brisbane is also getting an In.cube8r, so I wanna grab a cube when that opens too!

What else? Fam is good, friends are good, I’ve booked to go to Japan later in the year, once with the Fam and a few weeks later with Ramz-o-saurus. No real idea how I’m going to afford these trips just now, but I am hopeful it will sort itself out.

I’ve just registered as a Qld Teacher, I figured almost 2 years after I graduated is a good time to actually get it done, plus it means I can get relief work in schools. Relief teachers get paid silly amounts of money, and if there is anything I like a whole bunch, it’s silly amounts of money! It also means I don’t have to work at the Magic Store anymore. It stresses me out in a massive way, not the work so much, but the dude I work with. It’s not worth the amount of stress I get as a result of working there.

Right now I have to run because I have an appointment with an oral surgeon. After years and years and years of dodging the fact I need to have my wisdom teeth out, I’ve bitten the bullet and started making moved towards having it done.It terrifies me, but it’s getting a little bit ridiculous now, so it’s time…

It’s Official

4 Apr

El Photog and I have had the talk, and we are FB official now.

Well, real life official too, but it’s also had the official announcement on the Book of Face. It’s kinda funny having that conversation. Pretty much since we had dinner for the first time, we’ve kinda of become intertwined. Her housemates are just super lovely (and are now FB friends of mine), her friends are really nice and it’s just so fun. She’s so good at what she does, and is so motivated and driven and just a total pleasure to be around. Despite the fact she has amazing olive skin, superΒ  thick, wonderful hair and eyelashes I would kill for – I am most fond of her. She’s been away shooting at Bluesfest for the long weekend and I haven’t seen her since Tuesday night. I miss her. It’s ok, I will see her Tuesday after work and then we have lots of fun things to do over the next couple of weeks, so it’s all ok. It’s sort of nice to miss someone, it makes all the reason you want to be around someone all the time super obvious.

Even more excitingly, she’s going to let me have a go at being a stylist on a shoot she’s doing soon. It’s just a shoot she’s doing as a favour, but it’s still exciting being a stylist. I really love dressing people and making things look great so I think it will be something really fun to do. Not to mention the fact she thinks I am clever enough to help her, it’s really awesome. She is really awesome.

In other news, uni is ok, I feel like I am super behind is everything and going to fail miserably, but I think it’ll be ok. It won’t be amazing, but it will be alright and I’m ok with alright. My businessy stuff is feeling really promising at the moment and my wonderful Photog is going to help me do some product shots so I can put together a bit of a catalogue. She’s also got some pretty awesome contacts and she won’t let me chicken out of awesome opportunities like I am so good at doing, so I think things are gonna work out really well….all thanks to her πŸ™‚

I am a shit blogger #8763

27 Mar

Dudes, hi! I am not sure if you remember me, I’m Jen. Yep, the girl who you’ve been reading for years, the girl who was once a dedicated post-a-day blogger…. yeah, that’s me. Anyways, rather than telling you I’m sorry (yet again) for being neglectful, I’ll update you and then tell you what’s the new plan.

Ok, so you know how I said I didn’t expect to meet anyone? Yes, well, that’s normally a big invitation for the Universe to come along and kick you in the face and make you realise that you don’t control everything, and this time was no exception. So, I’ve kinda met someone… let’s call her El Photog. So, as you might be able to deduce from her cryptic blog name, she’s a photographer. A pretty good one, in fact. If you pick up any street press* in Brisbane the odds are very good you’ll see her work, not to mention all the other projects she works on.

Anyways, aside from being really good at what she does, she’s also just really nice, super smart and just a pleasure to be around. She cooks, comes Greek heritage so she has olive skin and eyelashes that inspire fits of jealousy but she totally gets my deep and passionate love of haloumi, she also owns her own business and gets what I do. The other night we were lying in bed talking about invoices and BAS statements (I know BAS statements is the same as ATM machines, try and deal). It’s pretty new so I can’t tell you heaps more simply because I don’t really know, we have plans to see each other fairly often, so let’s just say we are seeing each other? If nothing else, the quality and composition of the photos I post are bound to improve somewhat πŸ˜‰

So the other news is, I am going to commit to weekly posts, at the very least. There is no real reason I can’t do this, aside from the fact I tend to piss away non-uni time so I end up with no time. The blame lies quite heavily on “Bouncing Balls” on FB, it’s becoming a problem. I should probably just cut myself off from it like I had to do with “Crystal Balls” and “Bejewelled”. I’m a fairly non-competitive person, but if someone beats me at a FB game it becomes a blood spot to regain my title. Clearly time that would be better spent on more worthwhile pursuits. I’m going to Japan twice in September and October of this year, so making some money from said pursuits is rather paramount. Watch this space for my new Etsy store!

*I know anyone who is involved with street press tends to loathe it, and it’s considered the lowest common denominator in any professional circles, but you know what? I love it. I love it’s free, and accessable and a really tops way to get a bunch of cool perspectives on stuff. Not to mention the fact you can actually get your work in print. Call me old school, but there will be epic squealing when I get published in street press. It thrills me!

All Filler, No Killer

2 Dec
  • I’ve been thinking about my “ideal life” post. It not something I wanna rush cause, dude, if you’re gonna be projecting every hope and dream you’ve got for your life out into the world for it all to come true, you don’t wanna miss anything, right?? I suspect it will be a rather epic post.
  • I’ve done some paper cuttings for my shop and I threw them up on Facebook as a bit of a tester. (P.S. If you’re a regular, we should be FB friends, you’re missing out on SO much, FB is what is causing the demise of the blog.) I sold four in a day! I think they are a winner. I am doing another market on Sunday and I’ll take some more then and see how it all goes. Hopefully well!
  • I’ve been using my Aura-Soma bottle for almost a week now. I hadn’t really noticed much of a difference so Joycelle suggested I amp things up a bit. I have felt things a bit more intensely under the new plan. I am having trouble using it as often as I should be, I tend to be in and out often during the day and it’s been super hot lately, so any non essential touching of skin has just been such an unattractive thought. Today felt better though, and I will be home more tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get a few more rounds done then.
  • One things I did realize today is how often I am complimented. Lately, it’s been on my tattoos (which is lovely and so much better than the usual “Is that a real tattoo?” or “Wow, that’s a lot of tattoos”) but today a cashier told me my haircut was really pretty. I often get told I have great skin, good teeth, cool hair or something about my tattoos or perfume (strangely enough, I can usually never smell it once I put it on, but everyone else still can). I always say thank you but then immediately dismiss it and today it just struck me how stupid that idea is. It’s not just people being nice, I often get true and sincere compliments but I never take any notice but around groups of guys or teenagers, I actively listen and expect something nasty to be said. It almost never happens, but in my mind I almost suggest things that they could pay me about about and just wait for it to happen. How fucking messed up is that?? Today it just really struck me that it was so kind of this girl to say she liked my hair and that she serves hundreds of people every day and she choose to open her mouth and say something nice to me, how can I immediately dismiss someone. I do truly believe that the majority of people are good and kind but I kind of assume that I should be treated badly, almost like I deserve to be paid out about everything. I am going to stop being so fucking horrible to myself and listen to what people are telling me. It sounds basic and blindingly obvious but I always need a lightbulb moment to see things properly.
  • I am pretty well ready to wave goodbye to 2009. Did anyone have a great year, this year? Pretty well everyone I’ve been talking to is so ready to see the arse end of this year. This year I moved back to Oz, started a masters, quit a masters, started a job, quit the job, did a quick run to NZ and came back and started a business. I also met Miss Jones which was an up, but now she’s gone and I’ve accepted that she’s as good as gone forever now, so that’s not awesome. It felt like this year had the potential for things to be great, but it never quite made it. In the next couple of weeks I’ll review my goals for 2009 and reveal my big plans for 2010 (not that I’ve made them just yet, but shhhh, I’ll have them ready soon!)
  • Last night I had a dream that I got into the course I wanted at uni and I showed up to my first day. It was 8am – 8pm on a Monday, with no breaks. I was ok with that. It involved a train ride deep into a forest, then we had to track our way back to the building. We had to climb over a big, thick barbed wire fence and climb though a hole in a wall. We then also had to care for babies, except the babies I had were twins….who each fit in the palm of my hand and would often jump out of my hands and crawl under tables and behind stuff. In the dream, none of this seemed particularly strange and, even weirder, none of this made me think “You know what? Fuck this, I don’t want to do this course” and the time I was thinking “YES, I am studying fashion, this is so fantastic, I can’t wait to get straight into the cool stuff”. Let’s just contrast this with the numerous times I would drive to uni to go to a tute or lecture and arrive to find a line to get a car space and then just drive home again because it was too much trouble to wait. I should find out if I’ve been accepted either this week or in 2 weeks time (depending when they do the offers for the courses I applied for. Please cross your fingers for me!?)


23 Nov

I’m clawing my way out of the rut, little baby steps in the right direction.

I’ve decided to try some Aura-Soma with Joycelle (my all round go-to-gal). A while ago during a reading she had me pick some bottles, one of the ones I picked was like an indication that “your heart is still too overwhelmed by lack of true love to be open to receive direction yet”. This is totally spot on, unrequited love was also mentioned and everyone knows if there is one thing I excel at, it’s loving someone who can’t or won’t or just doesn’t love me back. I’m still bogged down in it. I’m not in love with Miss Jones anymore, I had to stop that when she moved overseas for my own sanity. There were a couple of revelations this weekend (let’s say) which would have absolutely destroyed me if I hadn’t done this, so I’m really glad I did but I still love her. I still need more distance from her, I need to try and believe I can meet someone else and be happy with someone else and I think this might help with that. It’s also related to a heap of other things, and my massive need to search out things or people or relationships to make me happy and feeling worthwhile because I can’t do it for myself.

I know it’s not for everyone and some people see it as a very expensive bottle of oil but I’m open minded and if nothing else it’s a really, really beautiful bottle of amazingly prettily colored oil, so that alone works for me. I was skeptical about crystals until they gave me a massive migraine and sucked all my energy because I was wearing too many and the wrong combination of them, so I am happy to see what happens with this.

In other news, I applied to uni next year. My grand plan is to be offered a place in the dual degree program, then if I get my market running properly, I could do one each weekend and then I could afford to not have to work during the week. Unless I have a whole day free the Magic Shop wouldn’t really work anymore because there is no real way that half day shifts would work. I actually love doing markets, I had such fun at the one I did earlier this month. I was much less terrified than I expected to be and I actually did pretty well considering the minute turn out. I imagine in an actual market setting I could do even better, it was exciting.

All Filler, No Killer

22 Oct
  • Yes, dots again. I’ve got too many random things to talk about to even try an attempt a logical post.
  • First of all, the magnificent Jac has simply proven my suspicion that she is the most awesome, wonderful, totally excellent dude in the entire universe. I was totally bummed because the next time I was due to see her was April next year because she’s going to Europe for most of the school hols leaving no time for a side trip. Her solution to this was to book me flights to Melbs so we can spend the weekend before she pisses off to London. It’s such an amazingly generous thing to do and just another reason why I’d have little hesitation in becoming conjoined to her. It would be the best fun EVER!
  • Another big shout out to Enny! Or, should I say, soon-to-be Mrs The Hun. Indeed, the big day is on Saturday and whilst I might not be there in person, I’ll be all over Enny and her BMs. (Literally, even up her dress! I made the garter πŸ˜‰ I know she will be radiant and I really hope their special day goes off without a hitch and heralds the start of a very long and fantastic life together!!
  • Bootcamp is going ok. My trainer reckons my running is improving but I’m pretty sure she’s just being nice. I’m massively fitter than I was, and recover quickly after doing stuff but I’m still not super strong or fast. It’s lucky I don’t want to be an elite athlete, huh?
  • Miss Jones? She’s still gone with no signs of coming back. It’s just over two months now that she’s been gone and it feels like two years. Pretty much want her to come back as much as ever, but I’m dealing with the fact it’s probably not going to happen. I always said I’d give her three months then kinda need to walk away for the sake of not being pathetic forever. I don’t know if it will be quite that easy, but you know. Plus, I don’t even know for sure that she wants things to go back to how they were. She hasn’t said otherwise, but if she does come back, maybe she’ll want to do everything different. Still totally heartbreaking, but I think I’m closer to accepting you just don’t always get what you want, kind of the “too bad, so sad” thing. Heaps of people don’t get the things they want, even if they do want them super badly, so there is no reason why I should be the exception to that rule. As D’Brother loves to say “You can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first”, obviously wishing with all my might is not going to change anything, so I might as well start dealing with the reality of things.
  • Shop is going pretty well. Got my first stranger sale today, a batch of buttons ordered by an international law firm (of all places). Not a massive order, but still a bulk order and still from a place that could potentially bring me a bunch of business. Fingers crossed! Still doing a fair amount of custom work as well. Not content with that, I’m also applying for two consignments – one with a bricks and mortar shop and the other with an online boutique, and I’m doing my first market on Nov 1st. If you’re a Brisbane kid and you wanna come along, hit me up and I’ll give you the details! It won’t be massive event but I’m kinda glad about that, nice to ease into it and all.
  • I’ve decided on a haircut and it’s fairly out there, but would you expect anything less from me?? It’s also the fast train to unemployable at least until it grows out a little but it’s just even more incentive to make the business work. AKA Togninis is closed this week for renos so I have to wait until next Tuesday for the cut and it can’t come soon enough, my hair is feral!
  • Also, have gotta cancel my tattoo. This absolutely rips my heart out but I can’t afford to start a $800 tattoo right now. I’d hate to have it outlined and then wait six months to get it colored so I’ll just have to postpone it for a while. If anyone wants to buy $800 of stock right now, I won’t fight you, in fact, there is every chance I will pash you and dry hump your leg. I really, really want that tattoo so badly. It’s become so much more than just ink on skin, it’s the physical manifestation of doing something I truly love even though it might not be everyone’s cup of tea and I so desperately want that to be a part of me forever. Seriously, I am absolutely mourning the fact it has to be put off, but what can you do? You don’t always get what you want, even if you want it super badly. True Love, if you a reading and want to do a freebie half sleeve, I’ll be eternally in your debt. In fact, I’d even get your logo tattooed on me (not my forehead, obviously, gotta protect the money maker, but someplace else fo shiz!)
  • I have perfected the $4 car wash. I don’t like doing the bucket and sponge deal, it’s messy and I perpetually miss bits so it’s totally pointless. Instead, I go to on of those car wash places with the high pressure spray and foamy brushes and do it there. Being stingy I’ve fine tuned the washing process so I can pre-wash rinse, foam brush and high pressure rinse in six minutes/$4. Today I thought the machine was broken because I spent about 30 seconds pissing around and hosing at nothing after I was done washing. This pleases me far more than it should.