I’m Alive!

30 Jun

Well, I was still alive a couple of weeks ago, but I was also super busy since then, so there you go…

I would love to tell you in graphic detail about the horrors of having my teeth out, but really, it was pretty pleasant. I went into the hospital, there was hardly any waiting, I got admitted and put on my gown and then before I knew it I was wheeled into theater. The nice Doctor put the drip in and I barely felt it (the part I was most scared of!) and then he told me to think of a nice warm beach. I told him I didn’t like the beach, and he told me to think of a nice warm shopping centre. I had some nice dreams and the next thing I knew I was waking up and a nurse was tying ice packs around my face. I woke up really easily, I didn’t feel sick or anything, just that my face was really swollen. They checked all my vitals and I got dressed and then sat in the recovery area. I asked to rinse out my mouth because it felt kinda bloody but other than that, it was all good. My lower jaw, bottom lip and tongue were all numb. It felt weird to talk and I couldn’t open my mouth very wide. They gave me lemonade and a straw but if your tongue is asleep, a straw is incredibly hard to use.

After about 40 minutes I was allowed to go so D’Daddy drove me home. I was feeling a bit shit, just kinda swollen and numb so I come home and jumped straight into bed. I woke up after a few hours and tied to frozen peas to my head and then dozed sitting up on the couch. I slept in a recliner for the first night, I was scared of rolling over in my sleep and sleeping on my cheek so I figured a recliner was best.

The next day it was alright, all of my face was awake again and I was just taking normal pain killers. I’d had some pureed apple and custard the night before and was starving but pureed anything was all I was up for. That night I had the opening night for the exhibition I was in. You might have seen the pics of my face on FB, it was really big. All of my work sold within the first few hours of opening, which was tops and a lot of my peeps came out to see it which was also cool but I was still feeling a little bit dazed and confused.

By about day four I was only on Panadol once a day and my face was pretty much back to normal. I only had a little bit of bruising which I think was helped by the fact I was icing my face heaps and slept sitting up for the first two nights. I’ve only started to eat properly in the past couple of days and I’m still full of stitches. I have a fuckload of stitches in my mouth and they don’t seem very intent on dissolving, but that’s ok because I can eat toast again.

That was probably the thing I disliked most about the whole ordeal. No toast for like a week and a bit, it was very rough. El Photog took very good care of me, she bought me magazines to read, a stuffed toy to cuddle and more custard than I could jump over. She made me many meals of soft eggs, fetched ice packs from the freezer and otherwise listened to me whinge and whine about hurting or not being able to move my mouth properly. I love her 😀

Things are still super busy. I’m applying for jobs, making stock like a crazy woman and getting ready for a few custom pieces. If you want me to do any custom work, now is the time to ask, I’ve got a little bit of time before the semester goes back!


One Response to “I’m Alive!”

  1. Jen Twin August 8, 2010 at 2:15 am #

    Are you still alive?!

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