Brooding as Fuck

4 Jun

Right now,  I am in a coffee shop playing on my Mac while El Photog spends some time brushing on up graphic design-y stuff for the person she’s relieving while he goes on his honeymoon (yeah, she’s THAT clever. Photos AND can design magazine layouts and stuff). I feel like such a wanker, smooth jazz is pumping, I am sipping a coffee based drink and people watching.

To my left, a mother and daughter duo fussing over the daughter’s baby. Daughter is plagued with the typical new mother guilt “He’s not eating enough”, “I think I’ve dressed him too warmly”, “Oh, I didn’t realise these booties weren’t fair trade” (all actual quotes) and Mother is kinda letting her talk, not really doing anything to agree with her or address her concerns. They are both interacting with each other, yet they don’t seem at all connected, it’s weird.

Outside, on my right, is a group of older dudes all in black. Some have bald heads, and tattoos or a combination of these characteristic. I assume they are planning burglaries and casino heists but it’s more likely they are planning a charity event or discussing someone’s recent conversion to Buddhism. Being judgmental, it’ll get you every time.

Not a lot goes on in a coffee shop mid Friday arvo, I suspect if this was a bar things would be slightly more pumping….but they probs wouldn’t have free wifi 😉


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