It’s Official

4 Apr

El Photog and I have had the talk, and we are FB official now.

Well, real life official too, but it’s also had the official announcement on the Book of Face. It’s kinda funny having that conversation. Pretty much since we had dinner for the first time, we’ve kinda of become intertwined. Her housemates are just super lovely (and are now FB friends of mine), her friends are really nice and it’s just so fun. She’s so good at what she does, and is so motivated and driven and just a total pleasure to be around. Despite the fact she has amazing olive skin, super  thick, wonderful hair and eyelashes I would kill for – I am most fond of her. She’s been away shooting at Bluesfest for the long weekend and I haven’t seen her since Tuesday night. I miss her. It’s ok, I will see her Tuesday after work and then we have lots of fun things to do over the next couple of weeks, so it’s all ok. It’s sort of nice to miss someone, it makes all the reason you want to be around someone all the time super obvious.

Even more excitingly, she’s going to let me have a go at being a stylist on a shoot she’s doing soon. It’s just a shoot she’s doing as a favour, but it’s still exciting being a stylist. I really love dressing people and making things look great so I think it will be something really fun to do. Not to mention the fact she thinks I am clever enough to help her, it’s really awesome. She is really awesome.

In other news, uni is ok, I feel like I am super behind is everything and going to fail miserably, but I think it’ll be ok. It won’t be amazing, but it will be alright and I’m ok with alright. My businessy stuff is feeling really promising at the moment and my wonderful Photog is going to help me do some product shots so I can put together a bit of a catalogue. She’s also got some pretty awesome contacts and she won’t let me chicken out of awesome opportunities like I am so good at doing, so I think things are gonna work out really well….all thanks to her 🙂


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